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TitlePapers of Aida Wilde, artist print maker
Description'The Wick' newspaper issues 3-4, 9 and 10, subverted with commentary by Aida Wilde.

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Extent4 volumes
AdminHistoryAida Wilde is an artist print maker who has used her artwork to campaign against gentrification, displacement and the exploitation of artists. Aida is a founder of Print Is Power (2013) and Sisters In Print (2016) projects.

She exhibits widely, with many gallery stockists as well as running an online shop selling fine screen prints, cards, print clothing and other products.

She moved to Hackney Wick in 2009 to an area that was known as 'Printers Paradise'.

Aida worked with William Chamberlain during 2015-2016 who set up Hackney Wick Cultural Interest Group to initiate a print festival around the remaining printing businesses in the area but the last companies left before the initiative could start.

Aida was also involved in the Save Hackney Wick Campaign 2016-2017. She has used the power of print to campaign against localised gentrification and displacement. She has also seen a shift in support given by local groups to the local community to corporate gain through property development and businesses.

'The Wick' newspaper is a joint venture between Creative Wick and TheLococo, copyrighted to The Local Content Company Limited. Its Creative Director: Daren Ellis, Commissioning Editor: Tom Kihl and Project Director: William Chamberlain. According to Aida Wilde, the newspaper began referencing her and her work without prior notice or direct contact. In response she made a 'take over' by collecting copies of the free newspaper, subverting by over printing to hijack the issue covers, backs and sometimes the centre folds and re-circulating her versions back into the public sphere under the guise of 'Print Is Power' publication.

Aida reflects 'The covers have been a direct commentary and retaliation to the paper' and surrounding developments within Hackney Wick. She also subverted the back cover advertisements for Savills, estate agents, based at Albert Street/Wallis Road. Aida's 'I caused Hackney Wick to be gentrified' public paste-up on the yet to be completed estate agents' site for May Day 2016 was painted over after 1 day. It was reinstated and added to by supporters a day later. A poster version of the artwork was then exhibited in a Hackney Wicked Group Show in 2020 and later in 2021 exhibited in a show at the Depot called Depot Digs in Shoreditch which was bought by Savills for £1365.

Source: details from Aida Wilde, September 2023
RelatedMaterialSee LCP00436 for incomplete series of the newspaper
NotesCatalogued by Richard Wiltshire, 23 August 2023.
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