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TitleRecords of Charlwood Alliance Properties Limited, including records of the East End Dwellings Company Limited and the Tenement Dwellings Company Limited
DescriptionThe records include minute books of general meetings and directors' meetings of the East End Dwellings Company Limited; tenancy records and East End Dwellings Company Limited plans of Shepton , Museum and Mendip Houses, Bethnal Green; and minutes of Directors' meetings of the Tenement Dwellings East End Dwellings Company Limited.
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AdminHistoryEast End Dwellings Company was incorporated on 5 February 1884 with the object of providing homes for the industrial and labouring classes in London, particularly Eastern, Southern and Central London. Their first venture was the purchase of a site in Cartwright Street, E1, and the erection in 1885 of Katharine Buildings, which contained 281 rooms. The accommodation was taken up mainly by dock labourers, carmen, porters and building labourers and their famlies .A number of clubs for their benefit were set up.

The Company went on to build the following properties in Tower Hamlets:-

Lolesworth Buildings, on George Street and Thrawl Street, Whitechapel (1885)

Museum Buildings, Green Street, Bethnal Green (1888)

Stafford Houses, Wentworth Street, Spitalfields (1890)

Meadows Dwellings, Mansford Street,., Bethnal Green (1893)

Cressy Houses, Hannibal Road, Stepney Green (1894)

Ravenscroft Buildings, on Columbia Road, Hassard Street and Ravenscroft Street, Bethnal Green (1898)

Dunstan Houses, Stepney Green (1899)

Mendip Houses and Shepton Houses, on Globe Road and Park Street, Bethnal Green (1900)

Gretton Houses, on Victoria Park Square, Old Ford Road and Globe Road, Bethnal Green (1901)

Merceron Houses and Montfort Houses, on Victoria Park Square and Globe Road, Bethnal Green (1902)

Evesham Houses, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green (1905)

Mulberry House, Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green (built on the site of other Company property which had been demolished because it was in poor repair; 1935)

In addition, in 1901 the Company acquired a site in Bethnal Green with frontages to Globe Road, Cyprus Street, and Gauber Street, on which they let the existing houses rather than demolishing and rebuilding. They also built 33 cottages on leasehold land in Bethnal Green between 1905 and 1907. They built properties in other parts of London, notably Kings Cross.

The total population housed in the Company's dwellings was 6,079 in 1900, 7,207 in 1910, 7,227 in 1920 and 6,553 in 1930. In 1920 the Company owned 2,207 tenements, 60 shops and workshops and 4,555 living rooms. In 1930 the figures were 2,203 tenements, 63 shops and 4,586 living rooms; and in 1940, 2,273 tenements, 77 shops and 4,899 living rooms.

The Company's name was changed in 1955 to Charlwood Properties Limited, and it merged in 1960 with Alliance Economic Investment Company Limited to form Charlwood Alliance Properties Limited. It acquired the Lambeth Estate Company Limited in 1960, and Tenement Dwellings Company Limited in 1964. Charlwood Alliance Properties Limited was acquired in 1974 by Town and City Properties Limited.

The Tenement Dwellings Company Limited was incorporated on 11 July 1887, its main objects being the purchasing or leasing of houses or land on which to build houses suitable for occupation by members of the industrial and labouring classes and renting such houses to the same. The Chairman and founder of the Company was Alfred Hoare, of Hoare's Bank, who was also one of the founders of East End Dwellings Company Limited. The Company's property was mainly in other parts of London, such as Finsbury, Southwark and Highbury. However, by the early 1900s they had acquired 4 blocks of tenement dwellings in Mansford Street, Bethnal Green; St. George's House, Gunthorpe Street, Whitechapel, was purchased in 1929, and College Buildings, Stepney, in 1934. The Company, which changed its name to Upperton Estates Limited in 1958, was acquired in 1964 by Charlwood Alliance Properties Limited (formerly East End Dwellings Company Limited). Upperton Estates Ltd was struck off the Register of Companies in 1981.
CustodialHistoryThe meeting papers of both the East End Dwellings Company and the Tenement Dwellings Company (TH/8578) were deposited by Town and City Properties Limited., Carlton House Gardens, Pall Mall, London, per The Business Archives Council and Newham Local Studies Library, 2 December 1993.

The tenancy records and plans of Shepton, Museum and Mendip Houses, Bethnal Green (TH/8963) were deposited by A. K. Leighton-Goodall, a resident of Mendip Houses in January 2001
RelatedMaterialSee also Henry Dawson and Son, architects for plans of St Dunstan's House, Stepney Green, reference B/DAW/1
SubjectRented housing
Private enterprises
Land and estates
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