Reference NumberLC1578
TitlePatricia Cornwell : stalking the Ripper ; Britain's best buildings : Tower Bridge ; Devil's architect ; Homeground ; The Tower : the Tower at war ; The Tower : the lost palace.
Description1 videocassette
Publication Date[2002-2003]
NotesVideocassette of television programmes recorded by Harry Watton, retired Assistant Local History Librarian.
AbstractPatricia Cornwell : stalking the Ripper - BBC1, 30 Oct. 2002, 60 mins - Investigation into the murders committed by Jack the Ripper, identifying him as the artist Walter Sickert.

Britain's best buildings : Tower Bridge - BBC2, 2 Nov. 2002, 49 mins - Presented by Dan Cruickshank. Film on the history and construction of Tower Bridge, which also includes scenes filmed at and archive footage/stills of Tower Beach. Shows and quotes from one of the letter-books, from the time of World War 2, of Tower Bridge.

Devil's architect? - (audio only) - BBC Radio 4, 29 May 2003, 28 mins - Feature on Nicholas Hawksmoor, presented by Alyn Shipton. The recording locations include St. Anne, Limehouse, and Christ Church, Spitalfields.

Homeground - BBC2, 24 Sep. 2003, 24 mins - Documentary on the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster. Includes archive film of bomb damage, air raid precautions, and scenes within tube shelters in London during World War II, and contributions from three members of the Home Guard in South London.

The Tower : the Tower at war - Discovery Channel, 15 Nov. 2003, 49 mins - Feature principally on three episodes in the Tower's history as a military: the execution of the German spay Carl Lody in 1914, its use as a POW holding centre in 1939, an investigation of the supposed imprisonment of Sir Walter Izat as a Royalist during the Civil War. Concludes with two briefer accounts of events in 1941: the imprisonment of Rudolf Hess and the execution of the German spy, Josef Jacobs.

The Tower : the lost palace - Discovery Channel, 22 Nov. 2003, 49 mins - Feature on the Tower as a mediaeval royal palace.
SubjectJack the Ripper
Tower Bridge
Anglican churches
Bethnal Green Tube Disaster
Tower of London
Television programmes
Radio programmes
Access StatusClosed
AccessConditionsNo digital public access copy is available. This format requires a funded project to digitise this material and provide a digital public access copy. Please contact staff for further details.
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